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Green Remanufacturing of high end machine tools
Update time:2021-04-02 Views:1861次

About green manufacturing, there are many articles published in domestic newspapers and magazines recently, and many enterprises have actually invested in it. It is forming a strategic emerging industry with considerable scale.

However, "green remanufacturing" of machine tools is rarely mentioned. There are three reasons for this: first, compared with ordinary machine tools, the number of machine tools is insignificant, and scattered in all walks of life, which is not noticeable; second, the structure of machine tools is complex, the precision requirements are high, and the technology is difficult, so the general machine tool enterprises dare not, can't, and can't do well in "green remanufacturing"; third, the "green remanufacturing" of machine tools is often the "one thing" of single piece production It is difficult for large machine tool enterprises to organize production. They are not willing to do it, and they may not be able to do it well.

It is under this background that Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has put forward a new concept of "green remanufacturing" in China.

Machine tool "green remanufacturing" is a new mode of machine tool manufacturing, which makes full use of the existing waste machine tool resources. It is essentially different from the traditional machine tool scrapping treatment and old machine tool overhaul. It is a new mode that makes full use of modern advanced manufacturing technology, information technology, numerical control and automation technology, green manufacturing technology and other high and new technologies to evaluate the Remanufacturability of waste machine tools Disassembly, as well as the process of innovative redesign, remanufacturing and reassembly, its goal is to remanufacture new machine tools with stronger functions and better performance than the original machine tools on a large scale. Machine tool remanufacturing can fully tap the available value of waste machine tools, and it is a high-tech industrial repair and transformation of waste machine tools. Machine tool remanufacturing can make full use of old equipment resources, obtain advanced CNC machine tools with low cost, improve processing efficiency and processing quality, comprehensively improve the performance of existing machine tools, and effectively improve the processing and manufacturing capacity of enterprises. At the same time, it can save a lot of energy consumption in casting and cutting, and reduce environmental pollution.

Since the 1950s and 1960s, especially since the reform and opening up, with the advancement of China's four modernizations, aerospace, ordnance, navigation, railway and other departments, as well as large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises, have purchased a large number of precision and automatic processing machine tools from developed industries in Europe, America, Russia and Japan at a high cost, which has made a great contribution to improving China's overall manufacturing technology level Offer.

However, like human beings, machine tools will also be aging, including aging of control technology, aging of control components and aging of structural parts. Many of the equipment are old, lack of arms and legs, close to or scrapped due to their age, long-term use and difficult to repair. For these machine tools, the traditional solution is nothing more than degradation, overhaul and renovation, scrapping and renewal.

Let's talk about the degraded use first. This is often for the imported equipment that can still be used for a long time. Since it is degraded, its processing accuracy and efficiency have been difficult to meet the requirements, "tasteless to eat, a pity to discard", and it is reluctant to renew. If we adopt the method of "green remanufacturing" for this kind of machine tool, find out the problem and suit the remedy to the case, we can still regain our youth. This kind of method, not much money, transformation workload is not big, quick effect, good effect.

In addition to overhaul, the traditional overhaul is nothing more than partial repair of mechanical parts, restoration of precision, replacement of electric hydraulic components, restoration of function, or small-scale improvement of structure, or transformation of general equipment into special equipment. Due to the uneven technical strength of various enterprises, some imported machine tools are too old. This method can only be changed locally, and cannot recover or improve the efficiency of the equipment as a whole.

As for scrapping, of course, it is the end result of any equipment. However, from the perspective of "green remanufacturing", the basic parts of these machine tools, such as bed and worktable, can still be used, and the internal stress of these large parts will be eliminated more thoroughly after long-term use. If the waste is utilized and the "green remanufacturing" method is adopted, it will become a brand-new machine tool, the use effect will be better than the new machine tool, and the waste of resources will be avoided.

Therefore, the "green remanufacturing" of machine tools is a new transformation road with Chinese characteristics.