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  • 1996

    The company was founded in 1996

  • 200

    The company has more than 200 employees

  • 80%

    China's carbon industry share


Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., located in the Yangtze River Golden Triangle region, is a supplier of comprehensive intelligent solutions for high-efficiency, special-purpose, precision CNC machine tools, modular machine tools and CNC flexible automatic machining lines, as well as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a key software enterprise in the planning layout of Jiangsu Province. The company has the core technology of the whole industry chain of intelligent manufacturing from processing technology, processing equipment, measurement and detection to standard setting, and has strong independent R & D ability of special aircraft, Equipment Remanufacturing and a full set of technical service ability.

Can provide customers with professional intelligent manufacturing system solutions, in the provision of intelligent, digital, flexible special processing equipment at the same time, to provide users with integrated automation solutions including machine tools and equipment. The provincial engineering technology research center established by the company can provide expert level technical services for customers, has a number of independent patented technologies, continuously absorbs advanced concepts in the research and development of intelligent equipment, has a large number of rich design schemes, and can provide technical schemes in response to customers' requirements quickly.

  • Seven production lines

  • R & D team

  • More than 70 products

  • Advantages of five industries

Geographical position

Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (formerly Taixing Chenguang hi tech Development Co., Ltd.) is located on the North Bank of the Yangtze River, which is the golden waterway. It has a high-speed drive with Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Nantong and other surrounding cities within 1-2 hours.

Main business

Our company is engaged in CNC machine tools, modular machine tools and CNC flexible automatic processing line manufacturing and software development of high-tech innovative enterprises. It mainly involves all kinds of special processing equipment in carbon industry and functional parts industry.

Certificates and honors

In 2003, it passed ISO9001 / 2000 quality management system certification; in 2005, it won the title of Jiangsu high-tech enterprise and software enterprise; in 2010, it was recognized as Jiangsu high-tech enterprise; in 2011, it was recognized as Jiangsu high-tech enterprise; in 2011, it was recognized as Jiangsu high-tech enterprise technology center; in 2014, it was recognized as Jiangsu high-tech enterprise technology center In 2014, it was approved as the post doctoral innovation practice base of Jiangsu Province.

Technical equipment

The company has established a comprehensive test room, mainly including physical and chemical test room, CNC machine tool and automatic processing production line test system, data acquisition and simulation room, etc. in addition to conventional small test instruments, the laboratory also has a comprehensive performance test bench of CNC system running state, a temperature rise test bench of power grinding head and a CNC grinding machine debugging platform, equipped with sj-20a lead screw stroke error dynamic testing equipment Measuring instrument, nondestructive flaw detector, material phase change analyzer, CNC machine tool dynamic characteristic tester, etc. The company has Mazak horizontal machining center, Okuma pentahedron machining center, Studer high-precision cylindrical grinder, precision boring machine, gantry grinder and other precision machining equipment, testing instruments and workstation, server, switch and other software development work environment. The equipment is at the advanced level of the industry, which can solve the high-precision machining and measurement of key parts and meet the requirements of large-scale special CNC The requirements of multi variety, small batch production and quality control of machine tools.

R & D team and level

The company has a team of experts with excellent technology and pioneering spirit in the research and development of CNC machine tools, among which the chairman and general manager are both experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 4 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from provinces and cities, and 9 senior engineers or above. Our company has 29 invention patents and utility model patents, 7 software copyrights, and has undertaken the national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund, "863" special project, "04" special project, national major special project and various provincial and municipal projects.