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Mr. Chen Shanyuan, a native of Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Nanjing Institute of Technology (the predecessor of Southeast University) in 1969. He has been the deputy director and chief engineer of Jiangsu Taixing machine tool factory for a long time. At present, he is the chairman of Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., the executive director of National Institute of manufacturing technology and machine tool research and vice chairman of East China branch, and the editorial board member of manufacturing technology and machine tool magazine. Since 1993, he has enjoyed special allowance from the State Council.

Since 1982, Mr. Chen Shanyuan has successively presided over the development of cjk6140t economical CNC lathe, CK6140 CNC lathe, c6240t, c6250t saddle lathe, sharp1764t high-speed precision lathe, cfk9724 CNC piston ring profiling lathe, cfk9526 CNC piston precision profiling lathe, WLW series oil-free vertical reciprocating vacuum pump, etc. these products have won a number of national and provincial awards It has achieved great economic benefits. In addition, he also presided over the development and success of a variety of special CNC machine tools, such as CNC hub lathe, crankshaft lathe, cylinder liner lathe, piston ring internal and external profiling lathe, camshaft milling machine, etc.

In 1998, he took charge of the development of cgk-18 numerical control electrode thread comb processing machine, which produced high-precision electrode thread in line with the export requirements in China. Since then, he has entered the carbon processing industry.

In 1999, cgk-21 machine tool was successfully developed, which indicates that China's graphite electrode and joint machining accuracy has entered the international advanced level, and creates conditions for the development of batch export. From 2000 to 2003, he successively presided over the development of cgk-19 CNC electrode double end boring and scraping machine, cgk-24 CNC joint double end scraping and drilling center hole machine, cgk-26 CNC joint double outer cone lathe, cgk-28 CNC joint double end milling groove drilling bolt hole machine, cgk-23 CNC large electrode thread combing machine and other machine tools, which matched with cgk-18 and cgk-21 machine tools, and provided technical support for the whole line transformation of carbon industry Series of processing equipment.

From 2001 to 2003, on the basis of the successful development of single machine, he presided over the development of CGK · RZ · 01 full numerical control flexible automatic processing line for joint (won the national invention patent). Now 15 lines have been installed in China and exported to HEG company of India. In 2002, he presided over the development of cgk-32 numerical control electrode double thread combing machine tool (national invention patent) with the advantages of imported machine tools from the United States, Japan and Germany. From 2003 to 2004, he presided over the development of CGK · RZ · 02 full numerical control electrode flexible automatic processing line. Now, seven lines have been installed in China and exported to HEG company of India. At the same time, Mr. Chen Shanyuan put forward the innovative theory of "ideal connection" between graphite electrode and connector for carbon industry in 2003, which has been recognized by domestic and foreign markets.

In 2005, he presided over the development of cgk-2000 and cgk-3000 CNC high-precision ball screw grinder, and in 2007, he presided over the development of cgk7630 CNC internal thread grinder, with machining accuracy above P2 level. He also successfully developed a special CNC system and software with independent intellectual property rights, and became the first "fool machine" to become a new research and development base of CNC equipment for functional components in China.

From 2006 to 2007, he took charge of the development of CNC precision milling machine tool for blast furnace carbon block and CGK · RZ · 04 CNC universal precision carbon block automatic processing line. The new SIMOTION motion CNC system of Siemens and self-developed software were used for control, and the processing accuracy of blast furnace carbon block was increased from ± 1 mm of Chinese standard, ± 0.2 mm of European and American Standard and ± 0.3 mm of Russian standard to ± 0.5 mm 03mm level, which can meet the requirements of various industries. At the same time, he also presided over the development of a carbon electrode thread milling machine with a diameter of 800 mm to 1400 mm, and the thread clearance was reduced from 2 mm to less than 0.05 mm.

Mr. Chen Shanyuan has successively served as the executive director of the National University manufacturing and Machine Tool Research Association and vice chairman of East China branch, member of the machine tool professional committee of CMC production engineering branch, member of carbon materials branch of China Society for metals, vice chairman of Taizhou Software Industry Association, and editorial board member of carbon technology magazine. He has enjoyed special allowance from the State Council since 1993, and won the excellent award of Jiangsu Province in 1994 As a technical developer, he has won the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology twice, national key new products twice, 14 patents (four of which are invention patents) and provincial subsidies for many times. Two software products have been registered by the national copyright administration, and one of them has won the fourth Jiangsu Excellent Software Product Award (Jinhui Award).

The papers published by Mr. Chen Shanyuan include "brief discussion on equipment renewal of county-level machinery industry enterprises", "measurement of non straightness of super long guide rail with short range optical straightness instrument", "experiment and Research on guide rail of metal flame spraying lathe", "comprehensive control of noise of export lathe", "seize the opportunity to vigorously develop the export of ordinary lathe", "new concept of turning processing - end" "Full processing", "new thinking on accelerating the development of CNC machine tools in China", etc. in recent years. Combined with the research and development of carbon material processing machine tools, I have successively published many papers, such as "new ideas for the transformation of graphite electrode processing equipment", "Discussion on the causes and solutions of burning, loosening and breaking of graphite electrode and joint from the perspective of mechanical processing", "mechanism and realization way of" ideal connection "between graphite electrode and joint", and "realization of graphite electrode and joint" Head "ideal connection" is the goal of high precision processing, which has great influence.