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CGK · RZ · 01 NC graphite joint automatic processing line

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Product introduction

Patent No.: ZL 021 12654.2

Application and characteristics of machine tool

This automatic processing line is composed of cg-27 joint cutting machine, cgk-24 CNC joint double end scraping drilling center hole machine, cgk-25 specific resistance and elastic modulus measuring machine, cgk-26 CNC joint double outer cone machine, cgk-21 CNC joint double thread comb machine, cgk-28 CNC joint milling groove, drilling bolt hole machine, cg-34 weighing machine, cg-29 frame type automatic conveying line and automatic conveying line Printer, etc. (the cgk-25 machine tool is equipped with the function of measuring elastic modulus when it is exported)

This automatic processing line is a new generation of fully numerical control automatic processing line for joint. The patent number of the invention is zl02112654.2. The main processes are all CNC machine tools, especially the thread comb processing machine tool, which adopts full CNC technology, completely eliminating the error of mechanical transmission chain, and the overall processing accuracy reaches and part of the international advanced level. Its control method is unique. Each machine tool adopts the special high-performance numerical control system and software control developed by our company, which can be debugged and processed separately. The whole line adopts Siemens PLC to realize linkage, which has high degree of automation, high production efficiency and unmanned operation. At the same time, it can be equipped with upper computer, remote access and remote monitoring system according to the needs of users.