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CGK · RZ · 02 type CNC automatic machining line for graphite electrode body

  • Product introduction

Product introduction

The automatic processing line is mainly composed of cgk-19/cgk-74 type CNC electrode double end boring and leveling machine, cgk-31/cgk-73 CNC electrode Multi Tool outer circle lathe, cgk-32/cgk-75 NC electrode double thread comb machine and cg-30/cg-78 hanging automatic conveyor, which automatically completes boring, scraping, external circle turning, thread comb processing, end surface finishing and machining process of electrode body Automatic transport in. In addition, according to the needs of users, the automatic processing line can also be equipped with cg-77 electrode hole bottom circle and cg-35 type detector, which can complete electronic weighing, specific resistance measurement, data printing and output, bottom circle of spray hole, etc.

Technical description

This automatic processing line is a new generation of all CNC electrode automatic processing line at home and abroad. Patent No.: ZL 0212654.2. The main processes are CNC machine tools, especially the thread comb processing machine tools adopt full numerical control technology, which completely eliminate the error of the mechanical transmission chain, and the processing accuracy reaches the overall level, and some international advanced levels are achieved. The control method is unique. Each machine tool adopts the special high-performance CNC system and software control developed by our company, which can be adjusted and processed separately. The whole line is linked by Siemens PLC, with high automation, high production efficiency and unmanned operation. At the same time, it can be equipped with upper computer and remote access and remote monitoring system according to the needs of users.

CGK · RZ · 02 type CNC automatic machining line for graphite electrode body