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Cgk-19 / cgk-74 CNC electrode double end boring and scraping machine

  • Product introduction

Product introduction

Patent No.: ZL 02 258172.3


The machine tool is a new type of CNC machine tool developed by our company, which integrates machine, electricity, fluid and light. It is also one of the supporting machine tools for the automatic machining line of NC electrode body. Its control components are high-performance special CNC system and software developed by our company, driven by AC servo motor made in Japan, and the key components are world products.

Technical description

This machine tool has advanced numerical control function, simple and reasonable structure, especially adopts numerical control method to realize length floating positioning (or fixed length control), saves complicated mechanical and hydraulic positioning mechanism, and is convenient for adjustment and high degree of automation. According to the cutting load of each section, the programming can be carried out in sections, so that the cutting load can be evenly distributed and the cutting is stable. SHS heavy-duty linear rolling guide produced by THK of Japan is adopted for the guide rail of the machine tool, which has good durability.