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Cgk-32 / 75 NC electrode double thread comb processing machine

  • Product introduction

Product introduction

Patent No.: ZL 03 220355.1


The machine tool is a new generation of NC electrode double thread comb processing machine developed by our company, and it is also the core equipment of NC electrode automatic processing line. Its control components are special six axis high-performance CNC system and software developed by our company, which are driven by imported AC servo motor, and the key components are world products.

Technical description

The machine tool is a full CNC machine tool, which completely eliminates the error of mechanical transmission chain, and directly forms thread pitch, taper and diameter through CNC method. The machining accuracy is obviously higher than that of similar processing equipment in Japan, the United States and Germany.

The machine has a unique structure and layout, the workpiece does not move during processing, and the spindle rotates slowly with the x-axis and z-axis linkage to realize the taper thread comb processing, which can maintain the processing accuracy for a long time.

The comb is driven by a special method and can rotate at a high speed up to 1500rpm.

The end face is scraped by numerical control to ensure the perpendicularity with the thread axis and concave.

Z-direction realizes floating positioning with high positioning accuracy.

The machine tool can be used for a long time without reducing the machining accuracy.