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CGK · RZ · 04 NC automatic processing line for carbon block

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Product introduction

Patent No.: ZL 2009 1003 0352.0

CNC precision carbon block automatic processing line is a set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, optical integration of carbon block automatic special processing equipment. This product is the first case in China, and the patent number is ZL 2009 1003 0352.0, SIMOTION (Sports) Siemens numerical control system and self-developed special control software are used for control. At the same time, PROFIBUS bus is used to form the control network to realize information collection and action control. It is convenient to realize the networking of several CNC special machines for processing blast furnace carbon block and aluminum cathode carbon block. From the blank carbon block into the conveying device to the carbon block finished product, the full-automatic feeding is realized It adopts five axis linkage technology and milling power head fine-tuning device to realize double-sided automatic processing of annular carbon block and arc carbon block, which can process all commonly used large and medium-sized carbon blocks at home and abroad, and the accuracy error is less than 0.10 mm, which is the international advanced level.